Do what you love and love what you do

I’m 33 years old now. And I like different music from when I was seventeen. I also like different tv shows and different food. I can carry this list on for a while, but you I think you get my point. It’s fair to say I’m a very different person from my younger self. Sure, there […]


Here are vlogs eight to fourteen

Why I stop trying to make money on our #vanlife

It’s been a little over a week since we’ve renamed the Instagram. It’s not @liveslowdriveslower anymore, but @hedwigwiebes – as per my name, since I’m one updating it almost all of the time. We have also renamed the YouTube account: from Live slow, drive slower to Jeroen Bosman. Since he’s the one making all of […]

Our very first seven vlogs

Life no longer scares me

It no longer scares me. Not living this way nor life itself. I am used to it all, now. That change happened not even so long ago. Until about a few weeks ago I could still think about how strange it all is, what we’re doing. Not that I think it’s ridiculous, but you have […]

Van life, dog life

Why is it so hard to finally use my creativity now that I can?

I’m in a difficult place right now. I can’t recall ever having been so disappointed by myself than I am now. The thing I am most upset about is that I have the time and the opportunity to do everything I wanted to do before, when I thought I couldn’t, but I still don’t. And […]

Sidi Kaouki, Morocco

Why you should always have faith that things’ll be alright

We still have some Dutch tea with us. It’s the kind with questions on the label, only it’s a stupid take on the ones with inspirational quotes. But this morning it actually asked something nice. ‘What would you tell your younger self’, it read. I thought about it, but actually already knew the answer. That […]

Jeroen mountain

Why I couldn’t love myself and surf at the same time

For most of my life I’ve been a positive thinker. That kind of person that sees opportunities when most people don’t. Who likes to cheer other people up when they are feeling down. The guy with the glass half full. Well, most of the time anyway. That is my core personality, with which I seemed to have lost touch in […]