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Why you should always have faith that things’ll be alright

We still have some Dutch tea with us. It’s the kind with questions on the label, only it’s a stupid take on the ones with inspirational quotes. But this morning it actually asked something nice. ‘What would you tell your younger self’, it read. I thought about it, but actually already knew the answer. That I wouldn’t have to worry, I would tell myself. That I wouldn’t have to worry about which way to go in life, as long as I kept doing what made me happy – then I’ll surely wind up in a happy place. Makes sense, right?

Still, it’s a struggle-worthy thing. To be more precise: that little voice in the back of your head that keeps saying what’s not good (enough) and what can go wrong. I’m a star in doing that, you have no idea. Although it would serve me more if I could tell myself what could go right as well, but yeah, that’s just me. I do know that optimism gives you more than pessimism, but I also keep telling myself that this thing is just a nice portion of realism.

Endless blue sea

But, I think, thinking this way shouldn’t be necessary. At this moment we’re parked at a camp site in Morocco, about an hour north of Agadir, enjoying a spectacular view over the Atlantic. The camping is located on top of a hill and as far as I can see, I spot cobalt blue water with white feathery foam on top. I put my foldable chair right in front of the car, looking out over the sea, and see it all happening. I could keep doing this forever if I have to. And if I’m busy doing something else, I would look up every so often, and enjoy this view even more. I’m lucky. Also, the distance between me and the waves is just enough to not be bothered by the sound of them. They’re nothing but pleasantly soothing.

Funnily enough we happened to be at this exact same camp site a month and a half ago. It was awful. So crowded that we had to park all the way in the back, with no chance at all at seeing the sea – or anything else but those gigantic white RV’s for that matter. On top of that we find ourselves being in camp sites almost all of the time, since wild camping isn’t really possible in this touristic coastal area of Morocco.

Travelling south-east, we decided to stay the night at this dread camp site. At least the showers were super nice. We entered and all of a sudden it seemed almost abandoned. Not really though, but there were far less RV’s than before. And so we got to find this spot, right by the ledge, with an amazing view fitted for a five star hotel. What a coincidence. Some luck, right?

More relaxed than ever

Okay, so this might happen to be a stupid little example, but I’m convinced that everything will always turn alright in the end. How else can I be looking in the mirror and see a face that looks so relaxed, even though the very person has left all of her securities in life behind?

Everything will turn out alright. I know it’s true, because I find it to happen over and over again. And even if you don’t believe in it like I do, it’s still better to throw yourselves in the arms of life and have faith in what happens next. Even if what I say is not true, then there’s still no use in frantically holding onto the opposite. Because nothing will go as planned anyway. But it will sure be alright.

This article has previously been published in Dutch on 365dagensuccesvol.nl

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    ‘That I wouldn’t have to worry about which way to go in life, as long as I kept doing what made me happy – then I’ll surely wind up in a happy place. Makes sense, right?’

    Yep, makes so much sense and is so true, that’s what we believe anyway 🙂

      • Hedwig
      • April 7, 2017

      Thanks for confirming. 🙂

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