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About what happened the last few months

So much has happened the last few months. I would have written a blog earlier, if I would have been sure that it’s interesting. Maybe it was. I guess it depends on why you’re reading this, why you’re following us. Is it for the travelling stories or to come along with me inside my head? […]

We need your help and this is why

We’re stuck. Until we gather no less than at least five thousand euro’s we are not able to continue our journey. Despite our efforts in having invested in a van that was in superb shape (and fitted our full time traveling mode), our engine now turns out to be practically busted and needs to be […]

The people I am jealous of

For almost two weeks we’re back in The Netherlands now. For a little while, that is. Travelling around, as usual. We don’t have our own place anymore, remember? We stay with friends and family and the occasional campsite. It’s strange being back, but nice, too. To be able to talk in real life with the people […]

Discovering I totally don’t want to settle down (yet)

For three months we were in the south of Spain. Andalusia. I knew the name of the region and had heard it’s beautiful, and it is. Also I almost immediately felt at home. After the different world that Morocco was – especially to women, this part of the world seemed so incredibly welcoming. Of course […]

When your phone gets too important

No wonder we yearn to go outside. No wonder we are even jealous of the mail man, or the garbage woman. Outside is where it happens. You know that. But there’s a place where even so much more happens, your phone. And all those worlds within it are so hard to resist. There are a […]

What happens if the toilets stay shut?

Having public toilets to your disposal is an amazing thing. Especially when they’re free. That’s god given. Add to that the possibility of taking a hot water shower for only one euro. We have ended up in heaven. Actually we’re in Cádiz, in the west of southern Spain. We had totally rushed through this area […]

You should totally be buying things instead of wanting to become a minimalist

I want to say something about money. More precise, actually: about buying stuff. Before we left and when we sold almost everything we had, including some of which were precious belongings, I thought I had become anti-materialist. Ultimately, I would be able to travel with only a rugsack full of things, I thought. Okay, you’re […]

What Mad Men has to do with living in a van (and thinking differently)

Finally, I am enjoying the seventh and last season of Mad Men. There’s a spoiler coming up, not a big one, but if you are still to watch it – skip this article. In the fourth episode Roger discovers his daughter Margaret abandoned her husband and son and went off to live in a commune […]

First I hated making the bed – now I wouldn’t want to miss it

Our house is tiny. Our living room is our bed room, and vice versa. After waking up one of the first things we do is folding back the extra mattress that we use, and make the bed into a little couch again. Some woollen blankets thrown on top of it and hey – all tidy […]

Thoughts on my struggle with wanting to document almost everything

My phone’s battery is dead. When I left the van it was about ninety percent full, but then I listened to one of the most important matches of Jeroen’s favourite football club. They were about to become the national league’s champion and Jeroen had even decided to fly to the Netherlands to be part of […]