Jeroen vlogging

Our very first seven vlogs

Yes, it’s true. We have begun to vlog our daily lives and travelling. Or at least, Jeroen has. He’s the one filming almost all of the scenes, comment on them, and the one editing it to a fine piece of art that will appear right on your screen. If you’re gonna watch it, that is. To make your life so much easier in doing this, please visit our YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button.

Anyway, here’s the first seven of our vlogs, perfectly in the right order so that you won’t have to miss a thing:

That made for a little laugh, didn’t it? If you haven’t already, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Karma points coming your way!

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Likes making beautiful videos and flying his drone. Sings Christmas songs all throughout the year. Also likes to shoot pictures and write stories. Quits smoking every other week. Secretly wants to be a human sloth.

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