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The people I am jealous of

For almost two weeks we’re back in The Netherlands now. For a little while, that is. Travelling around, as usual. We don’t have our own place anymore, remember? We stay with friends and family and the occasional campsite.

It’s strange being back, but nice, too. To be able to talk in real life with the people I hold dear, that’s special. I find that being here makes many things clearer, as well.

There’s one little thing in particular I would like to tell you about. It’s something I notice myself saying quite often. About this wandering life of ours and how it’s far from perfect – even though it seems that way to many people.

In the conversations I have on what we do, I want to make clear that however awesome it is, it’s not always like that. The ups make up for the lesser parts, but there are definitely downsides to this adventure. Like with any type of life, I guess. But I always really like to emphasise this. I just don’t want you guys to get all unrealistic ideas and dream of something that’s not real.

Endless heaps of unconditional joy

Come this summer, there’s something I find myself adding to that. I tell people I am actually jealous of others. I am jealous of people whom I now see taking their van out for the summer holiday. Jealous of the ones only using it for a few weeks, instead of living in it all the time, like we do. I am jealous of the pure joy they’re chasing those weeks, jealous of the endless heaps of ‘up’, because they perhaps have to make up for a big amount of ‘downs’ from the rest of the year. But still, to feel happy so unconditionally, even if it’s just those weeks. Actually: especially because it’s just those weeks.

So yeah, all good things exist by the grace of the bad stuff. I had already figured that one out. And I don’t see the need for complaining either, because we have so much else. Reminding myself of that puts everything in perspective of course, but I still find it an interesting thought. So what’s happening now is that I don’t worry about it, but I try to find the reason behind that jealousy. Is there something I’m missing in my life?

Or is the grass really always greener on the other side?

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    I have to confess. I’m one of those summer #vanlifers… And I’m jealous of full-time #vanlifers.

    My wife and I spent our 3 week vacation driving around Newfoundland in Canada. Even though 3 weeks is long for North American standards, and our longest vacation so far, it still felt like a race.

    I never had the time to enjoy places I liked a little more. I always had to go to the next destination. We definitely wished we had more time.

    Yes… The grass is always greener on the other side. May I jump to your side?

    But it will be interesting to see what happens when we start travelling for longer periods of time. To see if we get this same feeling you discovered.

    Great post again! Thank you!

      • Hedwig
      • December 6, 2017

      Thanks for sharing this, Mathieu. Merci. You are very right. The grass always seems greener on the other side, indeed. And so it would be very useless to spend much time thinking or even fussing over that. I must say that I’ve given this quite some thought the past few months, although I didn’t necessarily intend to, and I’m now much more at ease with it if you would want to know. 😀 I don’t know why we seem so keen in comparing all and everything. Now that I don’t do that so often anymore, I just assess each moment on itself and they’re just fine – most of the time. I guess what I’ve shown myself is that I should be more carefree and now I try to do so. The only thing I am trying to come up with now, is how I can help you have a bit more of my grass lol

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