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The perfect reason to not wanting to be on holiday all the time

Always vacation is no vacation. Sure, but it does sound mighty nice. Never ever having to do anything anymore, just do whatever you feel like – and always be happy. But that’s just the thing. Doing only really nice things, really won’t make you feel that happy as you’d expect. Personally, I think it’s better to every once a while do stuff that doesn’t make you very happy at all.

I’ve known this feeling for a longer time. I’ve had it back in The Netherlands, too: for instance, if I were to eat in a restaurant more than once in a short period of time. I would hardly ever eat out, so when I would, that was like a very special occasion to me. Except, when it happened more often, it started to feel so regular. So ordinary. Not special anymore. At those times I thought I could exactly imagine how a Hollywood celebrity would feel, more looking forward to lying on the couch in a jogging pants instead of surrounding him or her with glamour and all.

Even pearly white sand beaches become ordinary

I know remember someone I know, who had been on a world trip and eventually she decided to fly back home earlier than anticipated and skipping some of her last countries in Southeast Asia. Although she was really keen on visiting them, she could no longer fully enjoy it all, she admitted in a very honest way. Even pearly white sand beaches become ordinary.

I almost don’t dare saying this, because I know it’s going to sound so spoiled, but we drive through so many beautiful places and we experience such special things, that we’re kind of starting to get used to that. This week we’ve been driving through the rocky desert of Morocco and passing the one oasis after the other. Endless sand and rocks, and then palmtrees as far as you can see. (Yeah, oasises are actually much larger than those in the cartoons.) It’s a sight I had never seen, and every time again I force myself to think about how nice it all is. But then, I would also so much look forward to staying in a place that is not so stunning all the time.

Funnily enough, we now find ourselves on the parking lot of a lodge, where we can make use of the shower and bathroom. A bit further down the road another building is constructed and besides that, there’s not much to do or see in this town. On top of that, we have to spend two nights here instead of one, because today we have worked for so long, that it was very too late to still be driving the 4,5 hours to our next destination. Oh, and did I mention the mosque nearby that had called for prayer twice last night? In the middle of the night?

The most funny thing is, I don’t mind. At this very moment I feel really at home on this gravel parking lot. It’s so perfectly not perfect. Exactly what I need to be able to experience sincere joy again, later on.

It’s really true: the lows make the highs.

This article has previously been published in Dutch on 365dagensuccesvol.nl

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