We need your help and this is why

We’re stuck. Until we gather no less than at least five thousand euro’s we are not able to continue our journey. Despite our efforts in having invested in a van that was in superb shape (and fitted our full time traveling mode), our engine now turns out to be practically busted and needs to be revised, several experts have told us.

We cannot drive considerable distances and are currently drifting around The Netherlands, trying to live off as little as possible. Next to that we are busy like crazy to find (more) work and get this great amount of money together. Because unfortunately we don’t have it laying around. If you enjoy our updates, whether right here or on Instagram or YouTube, you are very welcome to contribute by making a small donation to help getting us back on the road again. If only half of our fans donate only one single euro, we’ll be out of trouble before you and me know it.

Please check out the whole story RIGHT HERE, and see how your help goes a REAL long way. We’re telling you, this won’t go unnoticed, karma points and all.

Also: if you can hook us up getting a writing or video job instead, that would be awesome. Like you. Thanks guys.

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    • e
    • October 26, 2017

    if you come around italy i can help with the engine

      • Hedwig
      • December 6, 2017

      Ahh, that’s the sweetest! It’s just that Italy was way too far away to still get to with the condition the engine was in, but thanks so much anyway. 🙂

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